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Fight for Free Speech and a Free Internet

And most importantly stop ACTA

ACTA is literally SOPA on steroids. It was negotiated in secret by officials who were not democratically elected to begin with. Should it pass, it will become a GLOBAL law. You won't be able to send your friend an MP3 over e-mail, post a video of your party if you play copyrighted music in the background, or even post a link to copyrighted content (like a song on YouTube, if it still exists).


I'd like to say sorry that it took me so long to get these up, but the results are finally in! Judging was extremely close, and I actually had to add two new judging categories to help me narrow down the results. (For brevity's sake I'm going to exclude the details from this journal, but I do plan to make a more thorough FAQ that will cover my judging process and more for future contests. Alternatively, if you would like a detailed explanation of how your entry did, just comment on this journal and I'll reply publicly so everyone can get the benefit. Be prepared for a real critique, though.)


:bulletblue:First Place:
  - 1-year sub from me (sending the points as soon as I publish this journal)
  - Art from Sharulia (please contact them directly)
  - Journal Feature from Jornblk (please contact them directly)
  - Perfect IV Shiny Ditto (will note to coordinate a trade time)
  - Your choice of Mega Stone (Only X/Y stones available, I still have to figure out which exact ones I have, unless you have one in mind for me to check.)
Sewaddle Line Contest entry by Sandstormer by :iconsandstormer:
This was an extremely tough call, but what really stood out to me was not just how freaking cool the designs themselves were (the male leavanny and female swadloon were my favs), but how they all worked to form such a cohesive line. I absolutely love how the design elements from both genders progress through their respective evolutions, PLUS you can't ignore the awesome CONCEPTS behind the designs themselves (stick and orchid mantises). It's one thing to make a solid design, but when you add such a great concept to the mix, that just takes it to a whole 'nother level. This is a fantastic example of using a stereotypically gendered color like pink properly, because while it accentuates the feminine aspects, it doesn't rely on the color to be the sole gender-defining characteristic. I know, because I took these pictures into Photoshop and went crazy with the hue slider. And finally, the female is bigger than the male, an accurate detail that I definitely appreciated :).

:bulletblue:Second Place:
  - Art from Ashstar13 (please contact them directly)
  - Your choice of Mega Stone (Same as above, only X/Y stones since those were the only games out when I launched this contest. Will note to coordinate a trade time.)
  - The above Ditto if 1st place doesn't want it
Finneon and Lumineon Gender Differences by Sharulia by :iconsharulia:
My favorite thing about this entry was how the female of the line carried visible eggs. While the designs themselves were fairly nice and did make for a cohesive line, I felt that they couldn't quite stand up to the concept and execution of 1st place. In this case, I did feel that the reliance on pink was a bit stronger as well. Don't get me wrong, this is still a fantastic example of the kinds of entries I'm looking for in this contest!

:bulletblue:Honorable Mentions:
These two entries made it to my final 4 from the first round of judging, but were beat by the above winners when I had to really buckle down and make some tough scoring calls.

Mareep evolution line gender difference by Juddlesart by :iconjuddlesart:
I loved how she added the ram horns on the male line, and the fluff "gowns" on the female mareep and flaaffy were cute, but it seemed like she was just too dependent on the "dress" aspect to signify the gender (similar to the whole pink idea above). When it came to the male flaaffy and ampharos, I felt that the changes were too small from the existing Pokemons' designs. Overall the designs do work together quite well, and that's why she made it into the top 4, but I just wish she could have pushed them a bit farther. Don't be afraid to change the proportions, change the colors, change the markings!

Gendersplit Oshawott Line by Call-Of-The-Indie by :iconcall-of-the-indie:
This one stood out to me because it was one of the more striking gender splits across the whole line. (Some of the other entries had great ideas for one or two of the Pokemon, but the rest of the evos in the picture had barely any differences.) This one was nice because even from a thumb you can see that all the stages are BAM, DIFFERENT. Like in 1st place, I can see how certain design elements are carried up the line as they evolve. The female heart nose is a cute touch, I can appreciate the lack of a skirt on the male dewott, and the lack of mustache on female samurott. I also like how she changed their shells to be a bit different. Unfortunately, she did lose points because this is a design contest, and the female covered up quite a bit of the male samurott (plus also teetered on the edge of my "no distinguishing body language in interactions" rule).

WHEW! This took a long time to write up and now I'm beat (my schedule lately doesn't help my energy). I'm sending the 1st place points tonight but I'll deal with the trades, cake badges, and notes later :dead:.

You have a list of 10 tasks, which would you rather do? 

20 deviants said A superb job on 7 of them.
18 deviants said An ok job on all 10.



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Arcanine Stamp - V2 by Kibichu #059 Arcanine by xXEclipseTheCatXx
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Llama Stamp by grovyle-n-wolfluvr Don't Thank Me for the Llama by DirtyZephyrAssassin

UPCOMING KIRIBANS: *100,000 *101,101 and *123,456


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- doneeeee

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